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Catering Sales Manager interview questions

Most job interviews begin with a series of questions for the applicant and end with a kind of reversal, in which the applicant has a chance to ask a few questions of the interviewer. About 90 percent of the time, the reversal portion of the interview sounds something like this:

Interviewer: "Well, that about wraps up everything on my end. Before we finish up, do you have any questions for me?"

Applicant: (slightly flustered) "No…I can't think of anything. I think you've explained everything I need to know."

Interviewer: "Okay, then. We'll give you a call. Thanks for coming in today."

As soon as the applicant leaves the room, she thinks of at least three questions that would have showcased her knowledge of the field and at least two more that she genuinely needs to have answered. C'est la vie.

Ask These Questions Before You Leave

  1. Figure out the target audience: Large hotel chains and small inns often cater to very different clientele with different needs and interests. Geography also plays a strong role in this equation, as do local annual events.
  2. Customer service philosophy: Figure out the company's stance on how they deal with customer issues. Ask how issues are resolved and if employees have budget flexibility and freedom when it comes to solving guest problems.
  3. Map your future: Ask how you can expand your career with this company over the next three to five years, and figure out if there's room for you to grow. If you have a focused area of interest, like event planning or staff management, make that clear, and find out how this company can help you develop those skills.
  4. Workplace culture: Ask about the company atmosphere. Don't lead the interviewer toward one answer or another, and listen carefully to her response. Does she use words like "intense" and "driven", or does she suggest that the environment here is team-oriented, relaxed and collaborative?
  5. The interviewer's experience: Ask your interviewer about her time at the company, how she started here in the first place and what she likes most and least about the company. There's no need to get too personal, but answers to questions like these can provide you with some insight into how the company treats its employees. You'll also give the employer an opportunity to show off a little.

There's no need to ask all of these questions, and it's better not to draw the interview out with a set of forced, unnecessary inquiries. But you're also not in a rush. Your interviewer specifically set aside time to meet with you and get to know you, so take full advantage of this opportunity.

Most importantly, don't be caught off guard when the tables turn. Prepare ahead of time so you're ready for your moment in the spotlight. For additional practice questions and interview guidance, spend a few minutes exploring the job search resources at LiveCareer.

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