Quicken Loans internship interview questions

Resume - Quicken Loans Zing BlogI recently sat down with Quicken Loans Recruiter Laneisha Gunn to get some tips on resume writing and interviewing for jobs. “We are always reviewing resumes in search for the most talented candidates we can find, ” she said. According to Laneisha, the Quicken Loans recruiting team gets thousands of resume every month! Read on for 15 tips to help you stand out from the crowd.

Pay Attention to Resume Details

“It’s surprising that people still make small errors like resume typos and addressing cover letters to the wrong company, ” said Laneisha, who sometimes meets as many as 200 people while attending job fairs around the country. “Unfortunately, when people make grammatical errors on their resume, it reflects poor workmanship.”

She encourages job seekers to carefully review their resume and cover letter, and ask for a peer review for an opinion from another critical eye.

“Many times, I think people get in a rush, but rereading your resume can make all of the difference, ” she explained. “We even get resumes with no phone number or email address or both! I ask myself, ‘How am I supposed to contact them?’”

Call Out Your Transferable Skills

Most people have some skills from previous jobs that can be transferred to their prospective position. Dig deep in order to identify them, and include them in your resume.

“Understand which skills are transferrable and be confident in relaying them on your resume, ” Laneisha said. “Even if you were a restaurant server, for example, highlight your time management skills, customer service experience and sales skills if they help you.”

Length Isn’t as Important as Substance

“Formatting is in the eye of the beholder. There’s really no right or wrong way to lay out your resume, ” said Laneisha, who serves as a captain on her recruiting team. “Above all, make sure your resume is easy on the eye, clear and concise.”

It’s important to make sure everything on your resume is relevant to your work experience and the position you want.

“Sometimes college students still list their high school GPA or ACT scores on their resume. It’s important to let go of some of your old accomplishments, ” she suggested. “Perhaps there will be opportunities to bring those things up during your interview.”

60 Seconds to Make an Impression

“Recruiters typically take 30 to 60 seconds to scan a resume. Be sure you have something on there to catch their eye, ” said Laneisha, who spends a lot of time at college recruiting events. “You want to impress them if possible. At Quicken Loans, having volunteer activities on your resume always looks amazing!”

She said it’s a good idea to lay your resume out so it’s easy to understand.

“Make sure your resume has a header that clearly lists your contact information. And if you have more than one phone number, be sure to identify them, ” Laneisha said.

Know Your Buzzwords

“Having buzzwords on your resume is key!” she explained. “If your industry has specific words to identify technical skills or competencies, then include them.”

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