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SAP Basis technical interview questions

Presentation layer communicates with the application server to perform all the processing and which is known as brains of an SAP system.

An application server consists of multiple instances and communicates with the database layer of the three-tier architecture.

Bottom layer is called database layer which is responsible to keep all the data. Database of SAP system is kept on a separate server for performance and security reason.

At Presentation layer you consist of different components for ABAP and JAVA that enables the communication and processing of data in SAP system. Key components at Presentation layer includes −

Message Server

This is used to manage communication between distributed Dispatchers in ABAP system.

This is used to manage server processes and JAVA dispatchers. It is used to manage communication within JRE.

Dispatcher Queue

This is used to store multiple work process types.


It is used to distribute the requests to the work processes.

Memory Pipes

This is used to manage communication between ICM and ABAP work processes.

Enqueue Server

This is used to handle logical locks set by the executed Java application program.

Java Dispatcher

JAVA dispatcher is responsible to receive the client requests via presentation layer and forward to the server process.

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