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Computer Architecture Interview questions

1. Different types of interrupts in a microprocessor system - Computer architecture and design

1. Define computer architecture and design.
2. What is computer organization?
3. What are the different classes of computers?
4. State and explain Amdahl`s Law.
5. Define what is a data path?
6. What is the principle of locality?
7. What are the various categories of Computer architecture?
8. What are instruction sets?
9. Define the layout for instruction sets?
10. What do you understand by ISA?
11. What steps are performed during the ISA process?
12. How can instruction sets be classified.
13. State the difference between memory interpretation and memory alignment?
14. What is DLX architecture?
15. What is an instruction fetch cycle?
16. What is the effective address cycle?
17. What does system design process include?
18. Define implementation in terms of computer architecture and design?
19. What is logic implementation?
20. What is circuit implementation?
21. What is physical implementation?
22. What is design validation?
23. What are the important types of computer architecture?
24. State the differences between a scalar and a vector processor?
25. State the differences between register machine and stack machine?
26. What is macro architecture?
27. What do you understand by assembly ISA?
28. Define the programmer visible macro architecture?
29. Define UISA in reference to computer architecture?
30. What is the purpose of defining a pin architecture?
31. What are the performance issues of pipe lining?
32. What is the importance of pipe lining in computer architecture?
33. What are the various pipeline hazards?
34. What are structural hazards in reference to pipelines?
35. What are data hazards in reference to pipelines?
36. How can data hazards be classified?
37. What are stalls in reference to pipeline hazards?
38. How can hazards be controlled?
39. What are branch prediction schemes?
40. What are Exceptions?
41. What are the different types of exceptions?
42. What are user maskable exceptions?
43. What is parallelism in reference to computer architecture?
44. What are the two different levels of parallelism?
45. What is instruction level parallelism?
46. What is dynamic scheduling?
47. What are crosscutting issues faced in ILP?
48. What are the limits of instruction level parallelism?
49. What do you understand by thread level parallelism?
50. What are the common issues faced in parallelism with multiple processors?
51. What is the significance of storage system`s in reference to computer architecture?

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