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BI Manager interview questions

Business intelligence, or BI information, is a critical aspect for organizations and is needed by almost everyone who has a professional career. People at the highest levels in companies need a certain amount of business intelligence, and should ensure that they keep on increasing their business intelligence.

This article provides job interview questions for business intelligence, BI, and suggests answers.

Business Intelligence Definition – What is Business Intelligence?

Business intelligence can generally be described as the art of managing a business with the help of various skills, applying various qualities, technologies, and security risks. Once the business intelligence is stable, a company can begin to think about expansion and enhancement of their business.

BI also requires the organization’s plan and vision – defining BI strategy, goals, and analyzing KYI, key performance indicators (KPIs). BI applications can be examined on enterprise-wide, departments, divisions, or project-base levels.

Therefore, it is very important for the company that key employees have a certain amount of business intelligence knowledge. In many cases, companies hire special employees or experts for enhancing their business intelligence capabilities.

Business Intelligence (BI) Job Interview
Questions & Answers

► Can you explain the concept of business intelligence?
This is one of the basic questions asked, which ensures that the person knows what job he or she has applied for.

The best way to answer this question is by offering a crisp, concise reply based on all the knowledge that you have about the subject. Remember, the interviewer will be impressed if you can recite textbook knowledge impeccably, but he or she will never forget you if you add some of your own contributions to the answer.

What are some of the standard business intelligence tools in the market?
This question is aimed at testing your knowledge on current business intelligence applications and trends. For example, SAP BI.

To answer this question, make sure that you first speak about the standard, well known BI tools, and then veer on to the newly implemented and moderately successful business intelligence tools. There will also be several intelligence tools that have not yet been tested but are quite promising. You can mention them too. This will give the interviewers a picture that you are well versed and knowledgeable about the job.

Also, remember that software and hardware is an ever changing market; the best business tool may be useless a few months later. Therefore, make sure that you make it clear to the interviewer that the BIT you are speaking about is currently the best.

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