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How to answer internship interview questions?

Stories make people listen. When telling a story, you also become more animated, engaging and smile more. Interviewing in this way will be more enjoyable for you since you will be able to express the attributes you have that are desired by employers.

Interviewers not only want to know that you have the capability; they also want you to demonstrate that you have seen results from your efforts. Sharing your results and accomplishments in stories is essential. It communicates your value in a way that increases confidence and helps interviewers to remember your strengths.

Stories have a form: a beginning, middle and an end. A simple way to construct your stories is using the BAR approach. Begin with the Background of the situation you encountered, describe the Action you took to solve the problem or remedy the situation and include the specific Results of your efforts.

  • Background - Summarize the project/problem you faced.
  • Action - Describe the actions you took to achieve results.
  • Results - Describe the results and put numbers to them if possible.

By constructing BAR stories, you will certainly raise the bar to a new level of interviewing success! Remember, you are responsible as the storyteller to engage the listener by conveying a positive and enthusiastic attitude.

Restate the question

When you give an example of your strength by telling a story, always begin by restating the question as part of your answer. While telling stories is a great method to make yourself memorable, it can also be difficult to remember the original question that led to the story. You are more likely to remember the question you are asked, if you hear yourself restate it as part of your answer.

Highlight your accomplishments

The next most obvious place to turn for interview preparation is your resume because it is the interviewers' reality of you. As a result, your resume becomes part of the outline for the interview and many of the interview questions will be drawn from it. Be sure to use your resume to develop accomplishment stories. Emphasize your results in the stories you develop.

First impressions

Most employers make up their mind about your candidacy in the first four minutes of the interview. Since first impressions are so important, be very well prepared for the first four questions of your interview.

The first four questions are generally some version of the following:

  • What can you tell me about yourself?
  • Why are you interested in this company?
  • What are your accomplishments?
  • What are your goals after graduating?

Strength questions

Questions are designed to assess your strengths and to identify your weaknesses. There is a strategy to knowing when interviewers are asking you to sell yourself and when they are screening you. Positive questions provide opportunities to sell yourself and negative questions are attempts to screen or narrow the candidate pool.

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