10 Killer Interview Questions

Software Development Manager Interview questions

I can not tell you about the hiring process of Amazon in US and other countries. However, I can certainly tell you the hiring process of Amazon India.

Generally they have 6 round of interviews which comprises following tests/interviews (Sequence can be in any order):

  • Problem Solving Techniques
  • Logical/Analytical Ability
  • Team Management
  • Real Time Scenarios (They give you a real time problem and ask you "How had you handled this situation")
  • psychological/psychometric test
  • General Stuffs (Like your soft skills and others)

Now talking about the preparation for the Project Manager role, you should have end to end information about SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle). Be informed, that they get into very tiny items while interviewing (Like "Is it possible to identify Project Creep in advance"?).

The best thing that you can do, would be: Have command over PMBOK. (go through it many times until you have a good command over it.)

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