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Image titled Prepare for an Administrative Assistant Interview Step 1Learn about the general job functions of an administrative assistant. These include scheduling and recording appointments, maintaining both physical and virtual filing systems, organizing records, using database programs to input data and create data reports, running a multi-line phone system and preparing documents like interoffice memorandums, letters and emails.

Research the company. When preparing for interviews of any type, you should know as much about the company as possible before going on to interview. This shows the employer that you are motivated and interested in the company, not just desperate for a job.

Familiarize yourself with the job opening. Each employer has a different set of skills, qualifications and job functions they are looking for in an employee.Image titled Prepare for an Administrative Assistant Interview Step 2 An important part of preparing for interviews is studying the specifics of the job opportunity you are applying for. For example, 1 employer may value timeliness and regularity above all other qualities, while another may stress a desire for creative, out-of-the-box thinking and flexibility.

Prepare descriptions of your past work experience, qualifications, strengths and weaknesses. Keeping the specific job opening in mind, develop brief, concise explanations for these core interview staples.

Study your resume. You should be able to answer questions and expand on the information on your resume. Additionally, make sure your resume is up to date and reflective of the qualifications of an administrative assistant.

Image titled Prepare for an Administrative Assistant Interview Step 3Practice your data entry skills. It is a common practice for employers to administer hands-on data entry tests to administrative assist applicants when they come in for an interview. This means that part of your interview preparation should include brushing up on your typing and ten-key proficiency, with timing and accuracy in mind.

Formulate answers for common administrative assistant interview questions. Be prepared to demonstrate your knowledge in the following areas:
  • You should be able to explain how you organize and manage a daily schedule, including what tools you use, how you set reminders and how you handle scheduling conflicts.
  • Customer service is often an important part of an administrative assistant's job, as you may be required to handle phone calls, serve as an intermediary between your boss and other business contacts and greet customers/clients.
  • As an administrative assistant, you may be asked to handle confidential information. Be ready to explain during an administrative assistant interview how you treat sensitive information, and what steps you take to safeguard it.
  • Multitasking is an integral part of being an administrative assistant, so prepare examples of how you manage a multitude of responsibilities at 1 time. Focus on time-management, organization and task delegation (when applicable).
  • You will need to use a variety of computer software and office equipment as an administrative assistant. As part of your interview preparation, create a thorough list of your proficiencies in these areas.

Rehearse your interview answers. You do not want to memorize your answers, word for word, but you do want to be comfortable with the fluency of your answers before you head into your administrative assistant interview.

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