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AWS Solutions Architect Interview questions

Here are some more Sample Questions* for AWS Certification for AWS Certified Solution Architect. Answers with explanations are at the bottom. If you have not yet attempted part-1 of sample questions, there are available here.

    An instance is launched into the public subnet of a VPC. Which of the following must be done in order for it to be accessible FROM the Internet?
      Attach an Elastic IP to the instance Nothing. The instance is accessible from the Internet Launch a NAT instance and route all traffic to it Make an entry in the route table passing all traffic going outside the VPC to the NAT instance
    In VPCs with private and public subnets, database servers should ideally be launched into:
      The public subnet The private subnet Either of them Not recommended, they should ideally be launched outside VPC
    An instance is connected to an ENI (Elastic Network Interface) in one subnet. What happens when you attach an ENI of a different subnet to this instance?
      The instance follows the rules of the older subnet The instance follows the rules of both the subnets The instance follows the rules of the newer subnet Not possible cannot be connected to 2 ENIs
    You want to use Route53 to direct your www sub-domain to an elastic load balancer fronting your web servers. What kind of record set should you create?
    You have created 4 weighted resource record sets with weights 1, 2, 3 and 4. the 3rd record set is selected by Route53:
      1/7th of the time 3/10th of the time 3/7th of the time 1/4th of the time
    You have created a Route 53 latency record set from your domain to a machine in Singapore and a similar record to a machine in Oregon. When a user located in India visits your domain he will be routed to:
      Singapore Oregon Depends on the load on each machine Both, because 2 requests are made, 1 to each machine
    Which of the following can be used as an origin server in CloudFront?(Choose 3)
      A webserver running on EC2 A webserver running in your own datacenter A RDS instance An Amazon S3 bucket
    In CloudFront what happens when content is NOT present at an Edge location and a request is made to it?

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