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Applications Architect Interview questions

1. Can you briefly explain what the hiring process is like for your office?

We currently use a number of different platforms for recruitment campaigns depending on the skills specification we are searching for.

1) ZHA website
2) Refer a friend
3) Adverts on LinkedIn and other external sites
4) Recruitment agencies (specific to the role)
5) Headhunting campaigns driven by the HR department
6) Graduate recruitment schemes

All CV’s and portfolios are sent through to the HR department for an initial screening process, all applications are logged on our CV database and the successful applications are then forwarded to the recruiting manager whilst the unsuccessful applicants are informed.

The recruiting manager will liaise with HR to set up the 1st stage interview; this will ordinarily be with the Head of HR and one of the Associates from the project team. During the interview, candidates will be asked to talk through their portfolio, challenges and how they think their previous experiences are relevant to ZHA and the role they are interviewing for.

Finally they will be given the opportunity to learn more about the role and ask any questions they may have. If they are successful at the 1st interview they are normally invited for a final interview with the Project Director.

We have recently implemented a new requirement for certain candidates to complete a software test prior to interviewing, such as a Revit test designed by our BIM and Workflow Manager.

2. What is the top way(s) you acquire your new hires?

We have found most success with our Refer-a-Friend scheme, recruitment agencies and head hunting of passive candidates. We find that our website and adverts can often attract a high volume of under qualified candidates.

Our exceptionally talented teams live and breathe the company brand and ethos therefore they are best placed to recommend potential candidates for specific roles and projects.

3. What are you primarily looking for in an architecture applicant’s resume?

We look for a number of key elements:

  1. Do they have enough relevant experience for the role they are applying for?
  2. Do they have experience working on projects similar in form to ZHA’s?
  3. Software skills are essential, we use a multitude of software platforms so it’s important that all new staff are experienced with software such as Rhino, Grasshopper, Maya, and Revit, etc.
  4. Previous employment; have they worked in similar environments or would they struggle with our office culture?
  5. Have they demonstrated growth and progression in their career trajectory?

4. What are you primarily looking for in an architecture applicant’s portfolio?

As with the previous question, we look for examples of similar projects and what contribution the individual made to the project. We also look at experience gained and the number of challenges they have confronted with examples of the outcomes.

Good quality of presentation and materials presented – the details reveal a lot about an individual’s care, commitment, and attitude. The complexity of projects they have realised and the quality of the outcome.

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